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Palatine Recordings specialise in classical recordings with a focus on period instruments, authentic performance style and a minimalist approach to recording and post-production. The music of such composers as C.P.E. Bach, Mozart, Haydn & Couperin takes on exciting new dimensions when played with stylistic integrity on the instruments of their time. It quickly becomes clear that the character and style of the music grew directly from the colour and sonority of their instruments. With a careful attention to performance style and instrument choice, the excitement of the original aesthetic can be recreated in our time.

For October we are featuring pianist, Ray McIntyre, performing 45 selected harpsichord pieces of François Couperin, beautifully adapted to modern piano while preserving the elements of the Baroque style. The Blüthner piano lends itself to the articulation of Couperin's ornamentation. More>

The 45 pieces, so elegantly adapted to modern piano by Mr. McIntyre, are now available in print as a two volume edition based on a decade of research. Both volumes are spiral bound and fit conveniently on the piano's music desk. Volume 1 contains the music, while Volume 2 stands ready to guide the performer in notation and performance practice. More>

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