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The 45 pieces, so elegantly adapted to modern piano by Mr. McIntyre, are now available in print as a two volume edition based on Mr. McIntyre's decade of research while teaching at the Vienna Conservatory. Both volumes are spiral bound and fit conveniently on the piano's music desk. Volume 1 contains the music, while Volume 2 stands ready to guide the performer in notation and performance practice.

Volume 2 shows how to play the pieces based on a decade of new research in the Austrian National Library while McIntyre was a professor at the Vienna Conservatory. Results, clearing up several false concepts and mistranslations of Couperin's old French, were read in a paper McIntyre gave at the international musicology convention in Toronto in the year 2000.

The 45 pieces are URTEXT. Selected according to level of technical difficulty for teachers and students from intermediate to advanced levels, they are appropriate for use in California's Certificate of Merit program.

This 2-volume book is enchanced by McIntyre's 2-CD recording of all 45 pieces showing how to transfer the clarity of harpsichord technique to the piano. As other teachers have observed, Couperin makes a great alternative to Bach for those searching for expressive program music from the Baroque Era.

Currently, these volumes are only available directly from Palatine Recordings.

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The cost is $49.50 + $5.00 packing and shipping by Priority Mail anywhere in the US.

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