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A continuation of the Mozart cycle on a fortepiano after Anton Walther (1795) with his third release for Palatine Recordings; graceful articulation and dazzling pianism offer new dimensions to Mozart's keyboard works.


"One of the most remarkable qualities of Fuller's playing is his range of tonality. He demonstrates that while the dynamic range of the modern piano is greater, the 18th-century fortepiano can be a more subtly varied sounding instrument. His tempos are, generally, moderately paced, allowing for an easy and natural delineation of Mozartean texture, both harmonic and melodic. There are tons of Mozart keyboard ecordings out there, but this one stands out as especially satisfying."
Fanfare Magazine, Nov/Dec 2002.

Sonata A major/A-Dur, KV 331

1 Andante grazioso 13:50
2 Menuetto 6:01
3 Alla Turca: Allegretto 3:45

4 Rondo A minor/a-moll, KV 511 9:32

Sonata Bb major/B-Dur, KV 333

5 Allegro 7:37
6 Andante cantabile 7:06
7 Rondo: Allegretto grazioso 6:52

Sonata D major/D-Dur, KV 311

8 Allegro con spirito 4:43
9 Andante con espressione 5:00
10 Rondo: Allegro 6:31

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