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Whether in the studio or on location, Palatine Recording strives to meet the needs of our clients with the utmost care both to their technical and artistic concerns. In pursuit of the most musical result, we are committed to applying our experience and guidance to your project while listening carefully to your vision of the recording.

We have assembled some of the finest and most musical recording and post-production equipment available to meet a variety of needs and we acquire new pieces as projects or client requirements demand.


Our Sonic Solutions based editing system consists of four channels of of Sonic Studio SSP (modified with AES/EBU inputs in lieu of TOS Link), clocked by a Rosendahl low jitter clock. While we do having recording capability at 96 kHz/24-Bit, the editing at this time is 48 kHz/24-Bit max.

In digital formats, we can accept your project on 16-Bit/24-Bit DAT or on 8-Track DTRS 24-Bit/96 kHz max. Analogue formats we can accept include 1/4" 2-Track, 7.5, 15 and 30 ips and 1/2" 2-Track, 15 & 30 ips. Dolby(TM) A, SR and dbx Type I encoding/decoding are available.

Once in the digital domain, a Weiss EQI MKII equaliser, Sony DRE S-777 sampling reverb, dB Technologies 3000S Optimiser and a Digital Domain DD2 K-Stereo Processor form the core post-production tools.

Serving the analogue domain is a Mackie 1642 VLZ PRO, 16-Input mixer, typically used in conjunction with our Forssell Technologies vacuum tube mic pres and fine Neumann vocal mics to meet voice-over needs. A PreSonus 2-Channel compressor supports our minimal vocal compression requirements. Our recording and post-production equipment can be configured in a myriad of ways to meet specific requirements.


In an effort to produce musical masters of the highest quality, our 1/4" and 1/2" analogue tape decks combine with our core digital post-production tools and audiophile quality listening system to serve as a standard by which the music can be judged. At the heart of the music are the Lavry Engineering (formerly dB Technologies) A/D (Model AD122 MKII) & D/A Converters (Model DA924), specifically chosen for their breadth and depth of sound stage and musical detail. The DA924 drives a pair of Avalon Acoustics Eclipse speakers through Jeff Rowland electronics and Sundholm Acoustics custom Litz braided balanced XLR and speaker interconnects. With the resulting sound stage we can easily appreciate the subtle ambiance detail contributed by the Digital Domain K-Stereo processor.

From Sonic Studio we can provide you with a reference DAT, reference CDR or a DDP tape ready for manufacturing.

Location Recording

A fine selection of vintage Neumann microphones, tube-based mic pres and analogue mixer, join forces with over twenty years of recording and broadcast engineering experience to ensure your musical performance is captured at its best. We look forward to discussing any needs from chamber to larger orchestral/choral ensembles.

For local concert productions we offer a generous package rate among our fees and our competitive day rate ensures our large-project clients of receiving undivided attention from sun up until...

ISDN Voice-over Services

To meet broadcast needs, we offer voice-over & ISDN services where radio guests can participate transparently and seamlessly in programmes originating from remote locations. While these events are often live broadcasts, they can also be taped interviews between a guest in our studios and an interviewer in a studio elsewhere. Our warm, but neutral studio sound and fine Neumann vocal microphones (restored by Klaus Heyne, German Masterworks), ensure a high quality vocal sound and our years of broadcast experience are your assurance that technical details are in good hands.


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