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Palatine Recordings offer several voice, interview-related and broadcast-related services frequently requested by clients. These include location interviews such as "Tape Syncs," studio interviews by way of our hybrid phone coupler, or full two-way interviews utilising a wideband ISDN connection using our fine vocal mics. Wideband interviews are frequently with guests who are participating in live radio broadcasts originating in other parts of the country.

Tape Syncs

Interviews conducted by telephone, where both parties are recorded in their respective locations on a quality medium (such as DAT) for subsequent combining into a single conversation, are typically called "Tape Syncs" and are used in situations where a studio & ISDN facility isn't available or where the urgency doesn't require it. For a "Tape Sync," we bring the needed recording equipment and quality mic to the interview location and send the unedited DAT tape to the client, usually without any processing.

Phone Interviews

"Tape Syncs" can be conducted in the studio as well, but in the studio we have a digital hybrid phone coupler available which permits isolation of the two sides of the conversation. Once isolated, the interviewer can be channeled into the interviewee's headphones and still remain separate from the recording. This permits real-time coaching of the interviewee by the producer without the producer's voice on the recording.

ISDN Voice-overs

Every day we hear radio broadcasts in which multiple guests participate seamlessly from all over the country, often with questions directed at the host or the guests by callers phoning in from the listening audience. These guests are all sitting in studios of one kind or another, often Public Broadcasting affiliates, connected by ISDN transceivers to the radio station producing the show. Shows are often live, or may be taped for delayed broadcast.

ISDN transceivers permit full fidelity, two way communication between locations through the use of several digital compression algorithms. Unless a guest's location is specifically mentioned, the listening audience is unaware of the geographical separation between the guests. The Palatine Recordings voice-over studio is neutral in character and produces a warm vocal sound without any annoying artifacts. Seated there in front of one of our fine Neumann microphones, one of which is a vintage Neumann U47 restored by noted microphone designer & restorer, Klaus Heine, you can rest assured you sound your best.

We have had the pleasure of providing ISDN service to National Public Radio on numerous occasions for such shows as "Talk of the Nation" and have worked as well for WBUR (Boston), WBEZ (Chicago) and other affiliates. Please check out our client list for a complete listing.

With a comfortable surrounding, quality sound and reasonable rates, we look forward to you contacting us with your voice-over needs.


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