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Pianist Karen Kushner at the Steinway D in Kansas City, MO in September, 2003, recording her new album of works by Johannes Brahms and Robert & Clara Schumann.



Vintage Neumann KM264 vacuum tube microphones restored by Klaus HeYne of German Masterworks in Portland, OR. They were used in conjunction with Forssell Technologies FetCode(TM) transformerless vacuum tube mic preamp and vacuum tube mixer to produce a warm but articulate sound.

Above is a photo of the Westwood Wind Quintet from our June 2004 session at Crystal Records. This was the second of two sessions dedicated to recording an album of wind quintets by Anton Reicha, due out later this year on Crystal Records.

From left to right are recording engineer, Rob Gwynn and co-producers Linda Felver and Greg Verbarendse.

Flautist John Barcelona reviews takes from the Anton Reicha session at Crystal Records.

Recording engineer, Rob Gwynn mixing the Anton Reicha session at Crystal Records in June, 2004. Oboist, Peter Christ (Crystal Records President) requested that we make two separate recordings for the sake of variety. One was an ORTF recording using our vintage Neumann KM254s and the other was a spaced omni version using Schoeps CMC6/MK21 wide cardioids. Both sets benefit from the warmth and clarity of Fred Forssell's FetCode(TM) mic pres.

From the smile, you know this had to be at the end of the session!

Bill Hearn & Scott Plato recording their new album of Carulli, Scarlatti & Piccinini, August 2 & 3, 2004 in Atlanta.

Bill and Scott take a moment to review takes and enjoy the air conditioning on what was said to be the hottest day in Atlanta's summer!

Bill Hearn performing solo music by Piccinini on Theorbo

Here are Cappella Romana on their marks during the January, 2005 recording session. At centre is Guest Co-director, Ioannis Arvanitis, whose voice is featured throughout the album. Artistic Director, Alexander Lingas is to his right.

It was a pleasure to work with award-winning producer, Steve Barnett on this album. In an effort to provide him with a variety of mics and mic placements from which to choose, we decided to use a number of mics and record on the eight-track Tascam.

We chose the KM254s for the ORTF pair, flanked by TLM170s set to omni. The KM253s, placed above, were used as an alternate omni pair and reference since the group is often recorded at St. Mary's using this placement. Not seen are the Schoeps CMC6/MK4 coincident pair used for ambience pickup.


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